Curtis Warren

Curtis Warren Timeline

1975 - Warren gets arrested for being in a stolen vehicle (age 12)

1982 - Curtis Warren is sentenced to two years in prison for attacking a prostitute and her client whilst demanding money

1983 - Soon after being let out he is sentenced to five years for armed robbery (aged 20)

Rest of the 1980's - Working as a doorman controlling drug supply in clubs and begins moving up the ladder

1991 - Warren travels to Venezuela to do business with the Cali Cartel and begins importing cocaine stashed inside lead ingots

1992 - A shipment gets intercepted by customs - Warren and his associates get arrested

1993 - Case collapses as Warren's business partner is revealed as a police informant

1995 - Liverpool turns into a war zone as rival drug dealers battle for control of the city. Warren moves his operation to Holland

1996 - Dutch officials arrest Warren after taping his phones and following his movements

1998 - Sentenced to 12 years in a Dutch prison for drug trafficking. He is listed in the Sunday Times as a property developer with a fortune estimated at £85 million

1999 - Curtis Warren kills an inmate during a fight and is charged with manslaughter

June 2007 - Released from prison

July 2007 - Arrested in Jersey for conspiring to import £1 million of cannabis

2009 - Sentenced to 13 years in jail


Curtis 'Cocky' Warren

Curtis ‘Cocky’ Warren is a notorious drug dealer from Liverpool, Merseyside in the UK. Curtis Warren began his career as a small time drug dealer selling cannabis in the Granby area of Liverpool. It wasn’t long before ‘Cocky’ began moving up the ladder into the wholesale supply of drugs.

Sunday Times Rich List

During the height of his reign he made it into the Sunday Times rich list with a fortune estimated to be worth £85million. It didn't state his involvment in drugs, claiming the wealth was generated as a property developer.

Curtis Warren Liverpool Gangster

One of the things that sets Curtis Warren apart from the rest is he doesn’t drink, smoke or take drugs. He has a photographic memory that meant bank account numbers stayed in his head and were never written down on paper. This has made it impossible for law enforcement agencies to recover his ill gotten gains.

Drug Smuggling

Curtis Warren was responsible for some of the biggest drug importations into Britain and became customs number one target. He forged strong relationships with all the major drug producing nations around the world including Holland, Turkey, Columbia and Venezuela.

Lead Ingots

Warren moved from small time drug dealing into the wholesale supply and quickly stripped out the layers of middle men. He soon began doing business directly with the notorious Cali Cartel. On one big consignment he shipped 28 tonnes of lead ingots from Venzuela to Felixstowe port. Contained inside the ingots were aluminum boxes packed with the highest quality cocaine.

Acting on a tip off customs officers were lying in wait for the shipment. Due to the density of the lead ingots, xrays on the consignment showed up negative, and because of there size, drilling into them without knowing where the cocaine was hidden was a waste of time.

As a result one and half tonnes of cocaine worth an estimated £250million made it's way onto UK shores. Cocky was a very rich man.

A year later in 1992 Warren and his associates shipped another large consignment using the same lead ingot method. This time customs officers made a more thorough search and by taping the bottom of the ingot with a hammer they found it made a dull thud in the centre and a more hollow ringing sound around the edges. Large quantites of cocaine was found and customs removed the drugs allowing the lead ingots to be tracked to it's destination in Liverpool.

Curtis Warren, Brain Charrington and seven others were arrested and charged. Charrington was later released after it immerged that he had been working for police as a super grass. Customs officers beleieved Charrington was smuggling drugs while working as a police informer and were furious at his release.

At Warren's trial in Newcastle a judge ruled that crucial surveilance evidence was inadmissible. Cocky had walked away from a 25 year jail sentence by the skin of his teeth. Curtis Warren was reported to have taunted cutoms officers on his way out of court boasting "I'm off to spend my £87million and you can't f***ing touch me".

Curtis Warren plotting to smuggle Cannabis with John Welsh

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Curtis cocky Warren being arrested for his part in a £1 million cannabis smuggling

Sky News footage of Curtis Warren's second big trial this time for conspiring to smuggle £1million's worth of cannabis into Jersey.

Curtis Warren Book - Cocky

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